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Physical Building Aspects of Solid Timber Construction and the Development of Intelligent CLT Hybrid Solutions with the Relevant Characteristics

In the last few years, based on results from CLT research projects and concrete building projects comprehensive experience could be gained. In doing so, specific constructive and physical problems relevant to building have become obvious:

  • Noise insulation: future requirements particularly hit the weak point of light-weight solid construction: the low frequency area can, with the help of conventional constructions, only be controlled with difficulty. Additionally, wider basic principles have to be elaborated which can form a basis for a reliable technical sound calculation of systems made from CLT.
  • Constructive sustainability: experience gained in the past has shown that differentiated constructive formations can lead to an increased application safety regarding the service life, operation safety and maintenance service. In the context of this project part, the significant correlations shall be examined, analysed, shown and processed. In order to do that, specific examinations of the effects of air permeability paths, thermal-hybrid construction bridges, but also of specific building construction detailed formations as they are, in model form and in simulation have to be examined and evaluated.
  • "Intelligent CLT": By means of the procedure for manufacturing CLT, intelligent functions can be integrated in the plate. For instance, the physical building behaviour could be extended by integration, e.g. of vacuum insulation, heating, cooling and sensor technology, but also through humidity controlled ventilation and integrated sensor technology right up to active mode modification and functional modules with adaptive physical building specific parameters ("smart CLT-product").