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The FFG Collective Research Project CLT_Plumbing_Design deals with installation solutions suitable for timber constructions.

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Visit the transfer papes of our research results.

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Guiding principle behind holz.bau forschungs gmbh

With its activities the holz.bau forschungs gmbh endeavours to make a contribution in order to ensure the material timber a corresponding importance in the building industry and to enable its extension.

The holz.bau forschungs gmbh sees itself as a link between fundamental university research as well as apprenticeship and a stimulating timber industry that is geared to practice.

On the one hand the holz.bau forschungs gmbh delivers short-term and results-oriented research services and, on the other, addresses medium-to-long term research issues.

The holz.bau forschungs gmbh sees its core competences in processing and linking of research issues related to timber and construction technology.

The holz.bau forschungs gmbh sees its duty in creating, preparing and targeted transferring of knowledge in order to provide a greatest possible potential to implement the know-how.