Testing activity in cooperation with institutes of the Graz University of Technology

Institute for Timber Engineering and Wood Technology

Lignum Test Center (LTC)

The "Lignum Test Center (LTC)" has vast experience in the field of performing tests based on European and international testing standards and configurations that is also used to support national and international companies to obtain product and system approvals for various markets all over the world.

Laboratory facility

Laboratory for Structural Engineering

The Laboratory for Structural Engineering is an autonomous organizational unit that not only does research and teaching but also provides services in the field of experimental research and testing.

Testing technology

Laboratory for Building Physics

The Laboratory for Building Physics provides research, development, testing, measurement technology and teaching in all fields of building physics. Its competences are based on more than 20 years of experience and its activity as a European certified and approved laboratory.

Testing service – noise insulation and acoustics
Testing service – heat and humidity
Testing service – mechanical and climatological load
Testing service – facades

Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials

Technical Testing and Research Institute (TVFA)

The Technical Testing and Research Institute (TVFA) responsible for construction material testing is an accredited laboratory and inspection body as well as approved certification body (TVFA-ZERT).