Shell and Spatial Timber Constructions (SSTC)

Based on the work already carried out in the K-ind Project P01 shell_structures (2003 to 2007), it is intended in particular to bring to a preliminary conclusion the necessary scientific foundation work or, respectively, pre-competition work. This deals with the mechanically correct description of the shear-panel with and without openings (doors, windows, etc.) ranging to possible use of the subsequent results for transfer work in form of diagrams and measuring aids. A further objective is the creation of a model for the description of the shear-panel; the main focus will be on usual panel cross sections with 3, 5, 7 and 9-layer structures. On the one hand, this should describe the systemic load-bearing effect of the base material product board / lamella in the finished panel – an effect that is achieved by engaging structural parts in a parallel way that bear the same load. On the other hand, this should also provide load distribution functions, how the latter, for instance, generate respective point supports through individual loads.

At centre stage of the clarification of the long-term behaviour of panel elements for the field of domestic architecture, there is the so-called kdef-factor, which is of central importance for the deformation calculation of these elements. The determination of relevant functions for the use of pin-shaped connection systems for closed structures can equally be seen as an important objective.