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COMET K-project

The research programme of the K-project is based on the proven and repeatedly positively evaluated programme of the K_ind runtime of the competence centre holz.bau forschungs gmbh and includes a further development of the successful K_ind programme in some areas.

The K-Project research programme is based on the structures of holz.bau forschungs gmbh and its scientific and business partners, and is oriented to the available core competences in the disciplines of ‘Timber Engineering (TE)’ and ‘Wood Technology (WT)’. In Area 1 ‘TE’ – Design and Construction Sciences (DCS) and area 2 ‘WT’ – Material and Structure Sciences (MSS), two Subareas are proposed and described which do not only illustrate the competence available at the TU Graz in the disciplines but also offer the opportunity to live out a trans-institute, trans-faculty and trans-university culture of co-operation. The above- mentioned Areas and Subareas are depicted in the following structure of the new research programme. Also the currently running research programme at the K-ind Competence Centre – 7 Programme Lines: P01 to P07 – can be appropriately assigned to the present structure (P01, P06, P07 in Area 1 and P02, P03, P04, P05 in Area 2) and, seen in this way, form an important foundation of this further developed K-Project Research Programme of holz.bau forschungs gmbh.

Area 1

Timber Engineering (TE)

Design and Construction Sciences (DCS)

Subarea 1.1

Shell and Spatial Timber Constructions (SSTC)

Subarea 1.2

Innovative and Intelligent Connection Systems (IICS)

Area 2

Wood Technology (WT)

Material and Structure Sciences (MSS)

Subarea 2.1

Advanced Products and Test Methods (APTM)

Subarea 2.2

Material Modelling and Simulation Methods (MMSM)

Overarching objectives of the K-Project

A crucial objective of the applied-for K-Project (holz.bau forschungs gmbh) is to further expand the utilization of timber as a material used for building (both in Austria and abroad). Additional to the research activities, these are mainly the transfer performances (with a scientific and economic orientation) as well as contributions to national and international standards committees. In fact, employees of the holz.bau forschungs gmbh and TU Graz have already been partly involved with such committees.

Also the new and further development of timber products to make them high-performance economic building products can be mentioned as one of our objectives. Additionally to the efficiency of the products, the quality of production and application of the products will play a crucial role for the applied-for K-Project in its role as interface between the national and international timber industry and timber engineering research.

In its capacity as a university-external research company, holz.bau forschungs gmbh sees itself as a link between pure academic research on the one hand, and its application in the timber industry on the other hand. The applied-for K-Project timber engineering would be of extreme importance to all current economic partners because of its interlinking function concerning science and industry.