NON-K-projects 2008-2012

Beside the research program in the so-called 'K-section' - where the COMET K-project is being handeld) - the so-called non-K-projects are being realized. Those contain research-, development- and transfer-projects with national and international partners in science and economy and can be started and adapted beyond the COMET-program.

Thus, it is possible for companies, which are innovation-oriented, to find solutions and answers to their problems together with the competence of the holz.bau forschungs gmbh and, if it is necessary with the attached research-connection.

The transfer-projects contain series of lectures, seminaries, courses and publications. This especially means the content-related co-operation for the build-up of transnational activities for the southern and eastern european area (for example Italy: promo_legno; example Czech republic: proLignum).