Special Timber Engineering Conference in Graz - Multi-storey Timber Buildings in London Mailand - direction for Graz?

On April 27th 2012 the 3rd Special Timber Engineering Conference - 3. GraHSoFT'12 - will take place in Graz | Seifenfabrik Veranstaltungsgelände. The topic will be "Multi-storey Timber Buildings in London Mailand - direction for Graz?".

The 3rd "Grazer Holzbau-Sonderfachtagung" 2012 (3rd Special Timber Engineering Conference) addresses the development of CLT in Italy and UK and provides insight in research, development and transfer, and discusses their legal frameworks which obviously can be classified as more affine to timber and trend-setting if compared to traditional timber engineering countries in Central Europe.

Amongst others the flagship projects of London and Milan will be presented. At the end exclusive CLT-objects of Graz will be shown in particular with focus on the residential building project 'wohnen_am_fluss – timber in town'.

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