Optimization of a high-bay-storage

In concurrence to the storages which are made of steel, the company 'Kaufmann Bausysteme' is producing high bay timber-storages since 2005. The HBS-system is composed of single- or double-deep systems with a varying number of corridors. The pillars of the storages, which are the main elements of the bearing structure, consist of GLT.

This project aims for the development of an optimum profile with regard to the technical and economical requests of a high-bay-storage. A bearing system is being developed, which leads to suitable section forces for the whole system. The results of the static analysis are being considered in more depth by an FEM-analysis. The connection of at least two pillars enables the reduction of the deformations and the replacement of the rigid connections by flexible ones.

The constructive development of connections is part of this project as well. The effectiveness and the load bearing capacity of these connections will be tested at TU Graz and the tests will help back up the analytical model of the structure.