Project 1.3


In general, it is a demand that improvements and gain in knowledge from research and development processes have to be made accessible to members of the consortium and the public as well by demand-oriented transportation of latest findings.

Normally this happens in much differentiated levels of knowledge preparation and transfer. Research results of applied for K-Project can be thereby function as basis for doctoral theses and outstanding scientific publications (e.g. reviewed papers). Furthermore, as impressively demonstrated within the last two periods of KInd and K-Project, research results are intensively used for presentation and discussion at international well-respected conferences. Not seldom these contributions motivate follow-up or new research projects or act as basis for an international consensus. The findings are also presented and discussed with specialist audience (engineers, producers, etc.) by participating at or organisation of transfer activities, e.g. conferences, workshops, seminars and fairs. In particular therefore demand-oriented preparation of R&D output is required.

Complex and comprehensive publications have to be adapted and extracted to make them usable and accessible for the relevant target audience. Open spoken, this kind of transfer which was available and common even one decade ago is nowadays not available but more than ever required. One example on hand is given by in complexity hardly exceedable European standardisation package Eurocode.

This “transfer project” aims on above topics by means of current ways of communication, the world-wide-web. It intends to initiate a transfer- and communication platform for transferring knowledge in a comprehensible and common language of scientists and users (e.g. engineers, carpenters, and producers). Thereby it should be capable on one hand to reduce the complexity and comprehensiveness of current standards and guidelines to a least common denominator by delivering on the other hand access to comprehensive knowledge by providing additional information if needed.